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Push the boundaries with NetHunt Gmail CRM. Your Gmail can do so much more!

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Organize your data

NetHunt automatically structures and streamlines business data effectively and productively.

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Customers iconCustomers

Get your customer base organized with beautiful contact cards, segmented audiences, linked conversations, events, tasks, and documents.

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Leads iconLeads

Generate, store, and nurture leads with NetHunt CRM web forms, webhooks, and social media integrations.

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Pipelines iconPipelines

Create one or several sales pipelines for your products and services.

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Reports iconReports

Automatically log email interactions, Intercom chats, Facebook messages, and Google Chat conversations in NetHunt CRM.

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Automate sales routine

NetHunt takes the hard work out of working hard, giving your business the time and money it needs.


|Lead Сapture|


Bring the leads to you with automated, CRM-linked web forms. Scrape website-visitor data and pop it immediately into your CRM system, ready for nurturing.


|Lead Nurture|


It’s easy to engage prospects, leads, and customers with NetHunt CRM. Use bulk email sequence features to automatically fire out thousands of personalised emails at a chosen time.


|Data Entry|


Client data capture in NetHunt CRM is automatic. It works alongside multiple sources such as web forms, inbound emails, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more!


|Sales Processes|


NetHunt uses algorithms to do your work for you. Our Workflows feature moves leads along sales pipelines depending on their behaviour or actions, such as when they reply to an email.

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NetHunt CRM is designed to help you grow.

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The NetHunt Team and its extensive knowledge base is with you every step of the way, growing alongside you, learning your business, and doing what’s best for you.


Get rid of manual, routine tasks. Leave your sales team to do what they’re best at, selling products and making money. Give them a chance to shine.


Collaboration, shared data, automated processes, and integration with key software.

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